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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most.


Follow the entry guidelines on our ACCA page to determine if you can enrol for the ACCA qualification or the Foundation route.

A student registered under the Foundation route will take 3yrs to complete the ACCA Qualification (17 exams)

A student registered under the ACCA qualification will take 2.5years to complete the ACCA journey (13 exams)

If a student passes the first strategic professional level unit, they have 7 years to complete ACCA. Otherwise, if you don’t pass all the Strategic Professional exams and reach affiliate status within seven years, you will lose any Strategic Professional passes achieved after seven years. These will need to be re-taken in order to complete the qualification.

If a student fails any exam they are required to resit and pay full examination fees

A student can repeat limitless times until they record a pass

All ACCA/FIA exams are computer based

The 7 Foundation level exams are on demand computer-based exams (on demand CBE) i.e a student can sit at any time. We recommend students to submit exams at each end of a semester.

The first 4 papers in the ACCA qualification are also on demand computer-based exams (on demand CBE)

The other 9 papers in the ACCA qualification exams are session computer-based exams (SCBE) i.e they are done online but with fixed exam dates. There are 4 exam sittings in a year: March, June, September & December.

  • JIPS is the only Gold Approved Learning Partner in Kenya and taking studies with us, increases your chances of passing exams.
  • ALL JIPS registered students, we give access to free practice tests for the first 8 exams.
  • JIPS is the only exam centre for all ACCA exams in Mombasa.


Depending on your high school or any other higher learning results/performance, use the guideline on our ABE page for detailed entry requirements for each ABE level.

The entire ABE course up to Level 5 Diploma is only 2years.

If a student fails any exam they are required to resit until they record a pass and the examination fees is paid in full.

If a student fails an exam they can progress to the next level as they plan to resit the failed exam.

All assignment-based units can be submitted three times in a year: March, June & December.

All examination-based units can be submitted only twice in a year: June & December.


Anyone can take the ICDL course. Any student registering for ACCA & ABE courses, are recommended to take ICDL as well. Check our ICDL page for details.

Course duration is 3 months.

Fee charges include: registration, tuition and first exam attempt. In case a student fails an exam (minimal chances) to resit there is a fee.

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