8th Annual Shariff Nassir Excellence Award

The 8th Annual Shariff Nassir Excellence Award was held on 6th January, JIPS was among the higher education institution to provide information for prospective students.

We also, congratulate all Mvita Students on their Success. In the spirit of success, we have introduced a Career Assessment program created to assist high school students discover their talent and find a career path that will lead them to a successful future. Assessment Each student will be given a set of questions to answer, this assessment will help them discover their talent.

The assessment is designed to highlight the skills, interest and preference against six vocational areas. The assessment is intended to give a broad overview of the areas they are most interested in. Interest play a large part of how satisfied and happy an employee feels about their work. If a job matches the interest, employees will more likely to be happy about the job.

Career Counselling A career counsellor will work with the student to find the right career path. The one-on-one session will help understand questions about the life plans, career intentions and goals. Sessions are safe, supportive and completely confidential – providing the student with the opportunity to explore their concerns in depth and put together constructive career plan.

The Career counselor will also discuss factors that could influence their decisions or affect their goals. In addition, will also aim to provide the student with as much information possible about the path they are considering and ensure it suits their personality. Education Path The last important decision is finding the right education path that will lead the student to a successful career.

Choosing the right institution and coursework that will give the student optimum learning experience and gain the skills they acquire. In addition, researching on requirements of different learning institutes. Looking into university or college that have personal development plans, mentoring systems and internship opportunities in place.

The assessment is FREE, to book a session contact us at:

Tel: +254 (041) 2315843/ 0792 772 821

Email: enquiries@jips.ac.ke

Vanga road, Kizingo Mombasa, Kenya