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Culture Day 2023

Embracing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Hey everyone! As you all know, JIPS is committed to advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion amongst students and staff, so that it is ever visible as a central point of the College’s culture. 

Jaffery Institute Students (JIS) had their very first Culture Day! It was a fantastic day where we all got to celebrate our different backgrounds and traditions in a way that respected Islamic values.  

Let me share all about it with you! 

Culture Day at Jaffery Institute wasn’t like your typical party. Instead, it was more of a gathering where we came together to appreciate the beauty of diversity while staying true to Islamic values. 

Now, onto the food – oh my, it was delicious! We had a spread of mouth-watering dishes from different cultures, from aromatic viazi/bajia to sweet cinnamon rolls, there was something to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. We had foods from different cultures carefully labelled and ingredients listed. Recipes were shared as well. 

The highlight of the day was the cultural showcases where Students shared insights into their traditions, language, and customs, fostering a sense of understanding and unity among us. Students dressed in traditional attire that adhered to Islamic guidelines. From modest abayas to elegant thobes, everyone looked incredibly stylish while honouring their cultural roots. 

Overall, Culture Day at Jaffery Institute was a beautiful celebration of diversity within the framework of Islamic principles. It brought us closer as a community, fostering mutual respect and appreciation for one another’s backgrounds.  

Here’s to more meaningful celebrations like this in the future!