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Exploring the World of Pwani Oils

Embark on our unforgettable journey as we dive into our corporate adventure!

Our Students were excited about the field trip to Pwani Oils. But first, let us tell you a bit about why we love taking our students on these Corporate trips…

At JIPS, we want our students to get hands-on experience in different jobs and industries. That’s why we organize field trips – to give them a chance to meet professionals, learn more about what they do, and figure out if it’s something they might want to do in the future.

So, off we went to Pwani Oils! As soon as we arrived, we could smell the delicious scent of cooking oil in the air. It made us super curious about how it’s all made.

Meeting the professionals at Pwani Oils was super cool. We networked with different people who work there, like the Quality Assurance officers, Supply and Procurement officers, and Operations Managers among others. They told us all about their jobs and what they love about working at Pwani Oils.

During our tour of the factory, we learned heaps about how the oil is made. The quality control checks, the packaging, and logistics as well. It was truly fascinating.

As we said goodbye to Pwani Oils, we left feeling super inspired and excited about all the possibilities out there. Our Corporate trip wasn’t just fun – it helped us learn more about a real job and decide if it’s something we might want to do in the future.

We can’t wait for our next adventure and more chances to explore different careers. Stay tuned for more stories from our Corporate trip adventures!