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Launch of the New Computer Lab

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies (JIPS) we are glad to announce the receiving of new computers for our new IT Lab. As our student population grows, we commit to ensuring our Institution is well equipped to meet the needs of our students.

JIPS commits to providing support and guidance at all times for its students. JIPS is a growing institution that offers renowned higher-level courses. Our students are our priority, and their success is our pride.

We take great pride in the fact that Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies is an ACCA-Gold approved learning partner β€” the only learning centre with this status in Kenya. Why look elsewhere if everyone else operates under the status of gold or below? Besides the ACCA courses, we are also offering courses in Business Management, examined by Advancing Business Education (ABE-UK). Owing to the restrictions of COVID-19, the ABE exams are open-book: All assignments are computer-based. Also on offer is the International Certificate in Digital Literacy (ICDL), a computer course, which runs for a duration of three months.

It is because all courses JIPS is offering are computer-intensive that our new computer lab is especially a boon for learners. With our new collection of computers, every learner now has the opportunity to acquire individualised training through JIPS, in readiness for the competitive, increasingly computerised job market.

Why choose JIPS? Our courses are moulded with the market in mind. Besides, JIPS provides a learning environment that is conducive for the needs of learners. At JIPS, you get value for money. Learn with the Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies. Here, we offer quality education, while according students opportunities to exploit their potential and helping you to grow not just academically, but also spiritually and socially.

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